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Driving Lasting Change Through Partnership

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About Us

About Us

Helping businesses deliver lasting transformational change through efficiency and partnership

PMC has been a trusted Programme and Project Delivery Partner to our clients for over 20 years; evolving from our origins as a specialist consulting firm, into the multi-skilled consortium business we are today.


We are specialists at delivering the most challenging business and technology transformations, changes that make a real difference to our clients and their customers - in the private sector as well as public service and government.


We are there for our clients when they need us most – working together to deliver outstanding outcomes.

"To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time!"
- Leonard Bernstein

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Delivery Review
& Outcome Assurance

With the ever increasing pace of change, converging markets, products and technologies, our clients are experiencing more transformational change than ever before. Often the transformation programmes we work on are vital to the ongoing success of our clients' businesses.


As well as delivering some of the most meaningful transformation programmes our clients have seen, we also help identify opportunities and drive through the necessary transformational business and technology changes to exploit these opportunities - and help our clients lead the way.


We tailor each approach to the client’s situation using our experience and insights to develop a clear strategy and plan. This often includes organisational design, creating the operating model, selecting and engaging suppliers and identifying new ways of working. Whether we are reducing cost or driving growth our approach not only fits our client’s business but is owned and supported by their people, which ensures changes that are enduring and sustainable.

We believe Digital is about harnessing technology to drive value, automation and the delivery of an exceptional customer experience in this faster, tech-savvy and data-rich world we now live in. This digital era inevitably creates opportunities and threats for every business, we work with our clients to identify and exploit their opportunities and to mitigate their threats. 


Speed, accessibility, responsiveness and data insight are now seen as key differentiators in the marketplace. With that, our clients are continually looking to digital solutions and technology as a source of innovation and competitive advantage.


We have significant experience and a successful track record in delivering complex digital change programmes, service transformations and supply chain automation. We also specialise in exploiting new technologies like the Internet Of Things, Robotic Process Automation, Identity Management, and operational design, as well as  driving improved ways of working and customer satisfaction through the latest in digital insight.

We’re exceptionally well equipped to advise on delivery challenges - because our team has deep, hard won experience of delivering complex, often global, enterprise platform and transformational change.

Our people have spent years in the delivery hot seat – we know first-hand what it takes to deliver critical transformational change - from global, €multi-billion delivery programmes to small, complex,  often share price impacting, business change.  Our complete independence enables us to talk openly, get straight to the point, and always put client's objectives first. 

We know what to look for, what to ask, and how to ask it. We work collaboratively, embedding our team alongside client project teams, to ensure real understanding and involvement from start to finish.  And importantly we come up with the right answers quickly!

Our proven methodology and maturity model assesses all aspects of the delivery lifecycle, and allows findings and recommendations to be surfaced early, so there are no surprises.

Unlike an Audit we don’t just present issues and recommendations in a final report, instead, we work with client teams to implement rapid course corrections and remediations. 

We  jointly agree plans and recommendations to reduce further issues and ensure programmes / projects are capable of delivering their desired outcomes within their time, budget and business environments. 


Successful data management and use of data insights are increasingly critical to all companies. Data enables us to understand consumers, analyse performance, solve problems, improve processes, and ultimately make better decisions. 


At PMC we work with our clients to ensure the accuracy and quality of their data; and to implement the right data management platforms, tools and governance to help realise potential and drive businesses forward.


We often bring together our broad industry experience and expertise as part of  transformation initiatives where business critical data migration is a key success factor. We have successfully led a significant number of end to end data migrations, including for clients with global footprints, as part of business and technology transformations and post Merger and Acquisition integrations.


A key measure of success for all our Data assignments is that we leave an environment of ongoing quality where our clients can continue to enhance and develop analytical insights and support changing business needs as they mature.

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We have huge experience and expertise in delivering business value through successful technology innovation and implementation. 


We have a history of designing, delivering and integrating technology solutions and services  and our clients view us as recognised experts - with a track record of delivery across a range of industries and associated technologies, including:


  • Cloud technologies

  • Data Centre and Infrastructure

  • All major CRM and Service Management platforms

  • Finance technologies - including all major ERP solutions

  • Operating and Business Systems

  • Network Management tools

  • Playout and Digital Distribution


We also often work on new innovation projects ranging from identity management and big data through to robotic process automation.


We are truly independent and pride ourselves on our ability to work successfully with our client’s other suppliers, system/platform providers and integrators; in particular our ability to create ‘blended’ delivery teams that deliver harmonious outcomes and promote trusted on-going supplier relationships.


Periods of significant change can be exciting, dynamic, and game changing. They often also put companies under significant strain as they conduct business as usual in parallel to the change agenda.  During these times we can support clients with our comprehensive Delivery Management as a Service (DMaaS) offering.  


This is tailored to suit each specific circumstance, but typically involves the outsourcing of key activities, deliverables and risk, for specific periods, to give our clients the bandwidth they need, for the time they need it.


In addition to the benefits of insulating delivery, controlling costs and reducing risk, during our DMaaS assignments we will also seek to transfer knowledge and skills to our client teams and leave a legacy of embedded best practice.

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Programme Management

Successful delivery is at the core of everything we do - and for well over 20 years we have been trusted with the delivery of our clients most valuable programmes and projects. Where necessary this has also included the discrete recovery of troubled or failing programmes. 


Our services cover the full lifecycle of delivery - from strategy development, business case creation and mobilisation; through all phases of delivery; to live operation and benefit realisation. All supported by robust, scalable governance and controls.


We recognise that the needs of each programme will differ, based on client circumstances at the time, that's why our highly experienced Engagement Partners, Programme/Project Managers and Scrum Masters will ensure the right blend of our resources are deployed alongside our clients teams and those of other suppliers, to promote successful, harmonious end to end delivery. 


Our programme assurance services are 

independent, pragmatic and focussed on identifying the right actions to tackle issues, secure successful outcomes, and inform future initiatives.



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We take sustainability seriously, in our own business and across all the work we do for our clients. We have our own Sustainability Team that work on consulting and delivery assignments, and also provide essential knowledge and advice to our delivery teams. Examples of our work are:

  • Assessing inflight programmes, projects and portfolios- Even a fully Green project can become 'Greener'!

  • Ensuring sustainability is considered as part of every business case, and projects are assessed to minimise impact on the environment & maximise contribution to organisational sustainability goals

  • Introducing best practices in terms of environmental sustainability and post-delivery benefits management 

  • Working with clients to ensure they have accurate emissions calculations, the right data, and the right processes to enable their 'Net Zero Roadmap'

  • Building and Property projects. As well as our delivery services we help our clients ensure sustainability is at the heart of planning and execution. We:

    • Work with clients and contractors to deliver the best outcomes during construction and fit-out and have achieved BREEAM ‘outstanding’ status

    • Approach building decommissioning assignments by pursuing a culture of ‘zero to landfill’

    • Work with clients and FM partners to ensure best practices are embedded - to maintain sustainability objectives after completion


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