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Perhaps the most important measure of our delivery capability is that, for over 20 years, we have been trusted with the delivery of our clients most valuable programmes and projects.  


This ranges from complex £1bn+ marquee programmes to sub £1m critical projects.  


We are also specialists in the successful recovery of troubled or failing initiatives.


Dynamic and delivery focussed, project/programme outcomes are absolutely at the heart of what we do.  


Our services cover the full lifecycle of delivery - from strategy development, business case creation and mobilisation; through all phases of delivery; to live operation and benefit realisation. All supported by robust, scaleable governance.  


Skilled in the use of all project methodologies and standards we structure and tailor each project/programme to clients specific needs. We are highly Agile by nature and we support our clients with a full range of Agile services.


A number of our delivery assignments have resulted in our clients being recognised with prestigious industry awards including APM, Global Innovation and Bafta.

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